People we meet on a world cruise

More than 2500 people live on the cruise ship; guests and crew and visiting artists. A handful you get to know a bit better, some might even become friends. But there are also interesting people to meet in the streets of the harbours of call. And the smaller the port the more keen the people are to talk to you. One of our passengers was approached by a 10 year old girl:
–          May I ask you something?
–          Sure.
–          Are coming from THAT BIG SHIP?
–          Yes.
–          Wow!
And happy she went off, having spoken to a cruise passenger.

This was in Pago Pago, on American Samoa. A really little port, where according to Tony (we will get to him) the first time 2 cruisers were in port. Our poor Luminosa was number 2 to arrive. Our midship section was in contact with the pier, the front and back was in the open. Although moored, we also had to set the anchor.

Approaching Pago Pago, it looks like the entire town could be placed on our promenade deck.

Looking at this strange scene of big ships and small port we were approached by Tony, leaving his Small Business Incubator for a few moments. Tony has been to Switzerland, and most other parts of the world, he might well be the only one from his island who knows Zurich! Tony was a Fifa Representative, introducing football in this little American territory. Traditionally the big sport here is rugby, the sister country Samoa (former West Samoa) even playing in the world cup final round. Well, so far American Samoa does not play a big role in world of football. They participated first time in the qualification for the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan. According to Tony, to field a national team they had to go to the schools to find some boys who new football, even some had not played a full 90 minutes yet!

We met our friend Tony outside his office. Besides working with football and with small upstart businesses he is a local chief and wears Somoan male skirt.

And the disaster followed: a record high loss. 0-32, Tony told us. He was wrong, it was not that bad, the uneven game ended 0-31! What an awful feeling was that, we asked Tony.
–          Not that bad. Australia is a good team, and we were just starting to put a team together. It was just a great experience for everybody.

This result is still standing as a record loss in a top international game. So, go on a world cruise and you can meet a holder of a world record in football!

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