Where the sun never sets

A good thing about living in Norway is that we have a short, easy ride to our house in the north – to the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets.

DHH owns the family house with a group of relatives, and there is a rotation system giving everybody a fair share of the summer months. This year we had the place to ourselves in June. Around here June is generous with light, but, we are afraid to say, often also with the rain and the wind.

For this reason much of our time was spent indoors. However, if you cannot go out into nature you can also sit and wait for nature to come to you. The birds fly by our window, the hare and the otter patrol the grass fields and the water, and if you are very lucky some big game also come your way!04_03_IMG_1409_1

This happened a bit past midnight on a Saturday night when we were still up, browsing the net and doing our knitting. In the corner of our eyes, three meters from our living room window, appears a mother elk and her calf. They had another adult for company, and the three of them spent almost a full half hour circling our house. An elk protecting her young cannot be trusted to be very friendly to intruding photographers, but in this case they stayed close enough to let themselves be pictured thru the windows.

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