The cruise is over, and we have gone home. Or have we? We have no house as you all know, so we are per definition at home wherever we are. Fact is however, that we are now back in Europe and that «home» is no longer on the Costa Luminosa.

We got the «going home»-feeling entering the Suez Canal after leaving Jordan and Petra. The weather was cooler, the air was misty and grey, and we could feel the coming of the European winter.

Passing some offshore oil installations on the way from Aqaba to Suez.
In the Red Sea, passing some oil installations.

We also felt a great disappointment, because travelling the canal was not as great as it used to be. Last year a second lane for the southern part of the canal was opened, and the Mediterranean bound convoys now travel this new and eastern route. This means we have desert on both sides as we slide north. The towns and settlements to the west are no longer visible, and the convoys no longer meet in the Bitter Lake like they used to. This is progress for transport we guess. It makes the crossing less complicated for ships, but also less interesting for tourists. Only the northern part of the canal was full of life as we remembered it. To enjoy the entire trip like we have done before, you have to travel south. Then you get to go thru the western lane and see a bit of Egypt.

From Port Said and the northern end of the canal we had a two-day trip to Civitavecchia, the harbour town of Rome. We skipped the great city all together however; we stayed near the port to have coffee, beer and lunch, and to put out some blog posts. Rome we can do later. For us, this day was about celebrating a great experience. Because whatever we have said about the elderly crowd and the juicy gossip on board the Costa Geriatrica, we have had a great time. We have loved (almost) every minute of it, and we will sure be back!

The shores of Sinai.

Then, what is next? We will spend a few days with The Daughter in Bern and The Father in Trondheim, then we will have Christmas in Interlaken, Switzerland and visit an old friend in Alicante, Spain. In between all this we will move to Norway and change our address from Bariswil to Trondheim.

More about all that in due time. This blog will continue to roll, but the posts will be fewer and the pictures less spectacular for a while to come!

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