Ohhhh shit!

We had been looking forward to a couple of nice days in Singapore. Then Donald Trump got elected. The week was suddenly ruined, along with the next four years!

The Costa Luminosa arrived Singapore in the morning of November 9, and we were ready to disembark at 10 am. This was 3 am early Wednesday morning in Europe and still Tuesday evening in the US. From our cabin we followed the early TV news from the presidential elections, and when we left to go ashore the prediction was a 75 per cent probability for a Hillary win.

Immigration in Singapore is a slow procedure however, with visa stamps and fingerprints and face to face controls. We spent one and a half hour in line in a huge hall with no net, before we could reach an area that had wifi. Then the prediction showed a 95 per cent probability for Donald Trump!

Ohhhh shit! We were as chocked as everybody else, and our plans for sightseeing went down the toilet together with the prospect of having a half decent human being in charge of the so called «free world» for the next few years!

Don’t tell me the bastard is winning…? He cannot be, can he…?

Therefor, we do not have so much to report form the great city of Singapore. We did not do the orchid gardens, we did not see the views from the rooftop hotels, we did not do the river trips nor the island tours. We did a little Chinatown walk because there was something we needed to buy, but other than that it was drinking to forget in the Raffles Long Bar and in the Penny Black pub on the Boat Quay. The Boat Quay also has several good restaurants for lunch and dinner, so there was no need to waste energy going elsewhere. Not that we had any energy to waste anyway.

Yes, he can. Time is here to drink and forget.

As for Donald Trump; what hurts even more than the thought of his destructive policies is the thought of such a disgusting man winning the world’s most prestigious political price! This is the school bully being promoted to headmaster after molesting half his classmates and lying to the other half. Donald Trump has been pissing on everybody from wounded war veterans and grieving parents to disabled voters, women and immigrants. He has lied his way thru the entire campaign, disregarding human values most of us have learned to respect. How easy must it be now, if you are a parent, to tell your kids that they shall not base their own success on putting other people down? Our only consolation is that some of his «political propositions» are so hilarious that they cannot be put into real life. He will not care much about that however, he has done enough to prove that truth, competence and realism – let alone human decency – are not values that matter in his world.

We protest in the only way we can. We are not visiting a country run by Donald Trump. We were planning another US trip in a year or three, but no way Jose. We apologize to all our American friends, and to The American Sister most of all. If you want to see us come to Europe or maybe Australia, or else climb the wall in 2019 to see us in Canada or Mexico.

As for Singapore? We have been there before, and we will go there again. So in a couple of years, ES will be able to do the trip to the orchard gardens that we did not have the stomach to do this time! Like decency in America, we will be back!

2 thoughts on “Ohhhh shit!

  1. “Half decent human being”: that is a really nice description of him, a compliment even.
    Dont let this idiot ruin your holidays, four years will pass quickly.
    In the words of Bart Simpson: “Being right sucks.”
    The Daughter out.


  2. Don’t worry about me I’m in California and it’s not like living in the USA it’s a very blue state and the weather is great!!!🌴😃


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