Our Aussie Album

The Costa Luminosa spent no less than nine days in and around Australia. We had two days in Sydney, one day in the sea going south to Melbourne, and after a short visit there it took us four days to travel the entire coast west to Fremantle on the opposite corner. The equivalent land journey would have been more than 4000 kilometres.

Sydney. Our ship seen from the top of the towers of the Harbour Bridge.

The four days along the south coast should actually have been only three, but we got a taste of what strong winds can do on the high seas. Two days of howling headwinds, 8 metre waves and a lot of rock and roll slowed us down by some 24 hours. We had a hard time walking the corridors without being sucked into the walls when the ship rattled and vibrated, and sitting at our dinner table at the aft windows was like sitting in a cable car being lifted up a mountain side!

Melbourne. ES at her breakfast table watching the local ferry to Tasmania depart from port.

In total, Australia is always a very good place to be. Sydney is exiting and full of world known sights, Melbourne was also a very pleasant acquaintance, and the Perth suburb of Fremantle turned out to be a gem of a town with low picturesque buildings and old fashioned shops and cafés. It looks like towns used to look before they were taken over by glass covered skyscrapers and huge shopping centres.

This is our photo album from Australia. We will sure be back!

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