El Gallo Del Cielo

El Gallo del Cielo is a Tom Russell song. Gallo is also the main beer brand of Guatemala, and one of DHH’s favorites. And Guatemala is one of several places we have had a chance to visit so far on our cruise.

Our good ship Costa Luminosa will eventually take us all the way around the world. So far we have done about one third. After leaving Savona, Italy, in early September, we have had brief encounters with France, Spain, St Lucia, Grenada, Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

Our own aerial view of the Old Harbor of Marseille, taken from a Paris wheel.

«Brief» is by all means the word here, because the stops are short. Time is counted in hours, and the shore excursions are close to hectic. The most enjoyable stops are actually in the towns we already know. There we can pick and chose between places and experiences knowing how to get only the best. Already having experienced the beauty of the Teide volcano on Tenerife, the colonial streets of Cartagena, Colombia and Antigua, Guatemala and also the smells from the mangroves of Costa Rica, make the short visits we do now so much more enjoyable. But we have also gotten to know new places, like the rather compact St George, Grenada, a very pleasant little town that we would love to come back to at a later stage.

Grenada is famous for spices – and for spice sellers.

One of our favorite pastimes is simply sitting at a street corner table looking at people passing. This is not always possible when you have a guide who takes you from the bus to the fortress, then to the spice market, then to the chocolate shop, then to the restaurant, then to the church, then to the next fortress, then to the museum and then back to the ship – all as fast as a bunch of 60 to 80 year old European tourists can possibly hump on their crutches.

Still, we have had the time to use our eyes and our camera to get a few portraits of the people and the places we have been to, as well as a shot of DHH and his beloved Gallo. Some of results you can see here.

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