Multeberry fields

Yes, another song title for a blog post, but it had to be. There is nothing more important on the island of Ingoey than the orange berry, growing on the arctic wetlands. There is an English name (cloud berry) but we prefer to use the local name: multe. At the end of July there will be tons of multe to be picked. The week we visited Ingoey, they were in the status of red flowers. Bad planning.

Ingoey has a fabulous multe season. It was hard to avoid the precious plant while walking off the road.

ES considers this berry the best in the world. And according to our local friend Allan the berries get sweeter the closer to the sea they are growing. Multe refuse to be cultivated, they grow exclusively wild. And the picking is regulated. Don’t try to steal from somebody’s field! It might look deserted, but somebody will claim the field to be his.

Ingoey is one of the most Northern islands in Europe: on 71°. Further North are only Spitzbergen and the North pole. Unlike the berries, the second speciality of this region was in season: the wild salmon. We ate it as sushi with a light soja sauce, smoked for breakfast and lunch and oven baked for dinner. Caught in the waters arround the island and smoked by a local fisherman. Fantastic taste!

Wild salmon, prepared to perfection by our host Allan.

We have to come back to this island. To really see it. Most of the days we spent there it was raining and blowing. Good we travelled with some yearn from New Zealand, so ES could knit a cap. But, what we experienced in the few hours of fair weather makes you want to return: the light of the never ending summer days, the concert of the sea birds, the run of the hare, the absence of modern world.

We will be back. Who cares about Nordkapp, when you can go to Ingoey!

Our friend Allan is probably the best ambassador this island has. See his slide show on Youtube:

One thought on “Multeberry fields

  1. Elsie and Dag Håkon, thanks for a great piece of writing on an island that we’ve completely fallen in love with.
    Not so sure about your definitions of me being a world class chef, but hey, I’m not complaining :-).
    You’re always welcome to use our house. Have a safe journey.


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