Missing steps

Not having to go to work leaves you with spare time. Some of it shall be filled with sport, or let’s say physical activity. Walking is a good start. Some places we like to go in town are one kilometer away from the hotel. These are a lot of steps my Fitbit tracker can mesure. But the results were disappointing: merely 6000 steps a day? I have done more on a office day, in my old life. Yesterday on the way home strolling between the stalls of night market, my armwrists vibrates: 10’000 steps! Why! We have taken tuctucs, walking much less than other days. Fitbit busted? After a few tests, we find out that the tracker needs a clear movement of your arm. And when you walk  hand in hand Fitbit thinks you are standing still.

So, my request fo Fitbit: you have a sleep mode, please add a hand-in-hand-mode!

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