Home Sweet Home

We had sold the garden, but the view from the our new home in the centre of Bern was not so bad either.

On Tuesday January 12 we moved into our new home. It was room 306 in the City Hotel in the centre of Bern. Two days later we moved into our second new home. That was room 206 at the Holiday Inn Express at Geneva Airport.

Then it was three nights at room 201 at the Hapimag apartment house at Lancaster Gate in London. So far, the not-having-a-home-project feels like any other holiday, with the exception that we carry much more luggage than usual. We would normally not carry heavy winter coats and scarves on a trip to the Asian Tropic, or travel with diving masks and swimsuits for a winter week in Oslo.

Another difference is that we do not behave like tourists. For the two nights in Bern we just needed a bed while we did the finishing touches to the moving process. The City Hotel is overpriced and smells, but all we did there was sleep. If you want a romantic Bernese weekend, please go somewhere else. In Geneva on the Thursday night we just had to have a bed close to the airport, as we had an early Friday morning flight.

The three days in London were about relaxing for two days and going to a football match on the third. We spent the Friday and the Sunday in the room going nowhere, something we sure would not do as tourists. But we needed some lazy days at home after all the moving work, so that is what we did. We stayed at home.

On the Saturday, however, we went to New York. To be precise, we went to the New York Stadium, the home ground of Rotherham United Football Club. And as Rotherham is a town in Yorkshire, the name of the ground made perfect sense. The road that goes past is actually called New York Way.

And the New York Way was really the way to go! Rangers winning 3-0 was only the second time in over 40 years that DHH got to watch QPR win a league game away from home. This was away game no 33, and the only other win had been 1-0 in Leeds in 1974.

What a beautiful way to start the new life on the road! We should have done this much earlier, then maybe QPR would still have been in the Premier League!!

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